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Virtual Maker is a small studio that stands at the intersection of innovation, quality, and speed.

  • Unity 3D
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR)
  • Generative AI
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • DevOps and Efficient Development
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Alon Farchy


Former Microsoft AR/VR engineer with 12+ Years developing software and empowering development teams.

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What we do

As a small boutique studio, we have the agility to bring your project the individualized attention it deserves. Our team brings over a decade of expertise in these technologies so you don't have to.

Generative AI

At Virtual Maker we are actively developing Flexalon Copilot, a tool which uses GPT-4 to generate UI through natural conversation with an AI. Leveraging this experience, we can help integrate OpenAI technologies into your venture.

Learn about Flexalon Copilot - Generate UI in Unity.

Key Technologies: OpenAI, GPT-3, GPT-4, Dall-E

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Our founder Alon helped pioneer the first user interfaces and interactions for mixed reality products at Microsoft such as the HoloLens. Today, we take interactions for grabbing, moving, rotating, and resizing objects for granted, but a decade ago these were unheard of.

At Virtual Maker we know how important it is to carefully craft intuitive interactions that let users feel fully immersed in their AR/VR experience.

Check out Virtual Maker 3D - our SaaS for designing 3D/VR worlds in your web browser.

Key Technologies: Unity, C#, C++, HoloLens, Oculus Quest, Steam VR

Unity 3D

We have over a decade of experience in 3D development and five years focused in Unity. Whether you just need a well-designed camera controller or a flexible architecture to organize your project, we have you covered.

Check out our Unity plugins.

Key Technologies: Unity, C#, .NET

Startup Software as a Service (SaaS)

At Virtual Maker we have developed two in-house SaaS projects, including everything from a landing page to user authentication, payment, data storage, telemetry, and more. We understand from experience that startups need to be fast, flexible, and efficient as they iterate towards product-market fit.

Check out Virtual Maker 3D - our SaaS for designing 3D/VR worlds in your web browser.

Key Technologies: NodeJS, Svelte/SvelteKit, TailwindCSS, BabylonJS, Microsoft Azure, Stripe

DevOps and Efficient Development

An efficient team is one part technology and two parts methodology. We’ve seen many teams with inefficient systems in place that slow down development and lead to missed market opportunities. The key is to set up systems that fits the mindset of the developers on the team and ultimately allows those developers to get things done.

That is why there is no one size fits all solution, but instead different strategies that can be drawn from to find the best fit for each team.

Key Methodologies: Agile, Scrum, Kanban, DevOps

Software Development

Our boutique studio offers tailored software development to kick-start your new product, implement a tricky feature, or revamp an existing codebase.

We care deeply about our craft, and guarantee quality work at an efficient pace.

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Virtual Maker Products

At Virtual Maker we build tools that help developers work faster and smarter, from generative AI to remote debugging software.

Flexalon Copilot

Flexalon Copilot is a revolutionary tool that lets Unity developers generate UI by having a conversation with an AI.

Join the early access program at

Proxima Inspector

Proxima Inspector lets you connect to your live game from a web browser to inspect and edit any property. Just like the Unity editor!

Learn more at

Flexalon Layouts

Flexalon lets you create adaptive 3D layouts that are precise and easy to update.

Each of the 8 layouts is has carefully designed options to support a wide variety of 3D arrangements and UI.

Learn more at

Virtual Maker VR/3D

Make interactive 3D and VR scenes in your browser.

Virtual Maker removes the barriers to building and hosting 3D / VR web apps, so you can focus on designing a higher quality experience.

Learn more at


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